Who is in the Cricket World Cup semi-finals?

The Semi-finalists of the Cricket World Cup and Their Match Schedules

Table of Contents:

  • The End of the Group Stage
  • How the Teams Reached the Semi-Finals
  • The Upcoming Matches

As someone who appreciates a good game of cricket, the end of the World Cup’s group stage brings a rush of anticipation. The four teams that have earned their places in the knockout stages are India, Australia, South Africa, and New Zealand. The tournament holds a unique charm, with all ten teams battling each other in a round-robin format before moving on to the nail-biting semi-finals and final.

 The End of the Group Stage
The grand finale is set to be held on the 19th of November at the Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad, a venue that holds a special place in my heart, reminiscent of my numerous travels to India.

 How the Teams Reached the Semi-Finals

India: The host nation has displayed an impeccable performance, winning all nine of their group matches. They remind me of a well-aged Scotch, smooth yet robust, with Virat Kohli leading the run-scoring tally and Mohammad Shami’s memorable spell against England.

South Africa: After a strong start, the Proteas faced a minor setback with a loss to the Netherlands and India. They mirror my love for mountain biking – a few bumps on the road, yet they continue to pedal on. Quinton de Kock has been a star performer, closely following Kohli in the list of most runs scored.

Australia: The Australians, much like the resilience of nature on my beloved ranch, rebounded after initial losses to India and South Africa. Glenn Maxwell and Adam Zampa have been the standout players for the team.

New Zealand: The Kiwis started strong but faltered midway, losing four consecutive matches. They remind me of the unpredictability of the sea during my swimming escapades. Kane Williamson has been their key player, and his form will be crucial in the semi-final against India.

 The Upcoming Matches

India vs New Zealand – Scheduled for the 15th of November at the historic Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai, much like the early morning sunrises I cherish, the match will start at 8.30am GMT 2pm local time.

South Africa vs Australia – This match will take place on the 16th of November at the picturesque Eden Gardens in Kolkata. The match will also start at 8.30am GMT 2pm local time.

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